Everyday, many iPad games reduce their price or become free and many many new games come out on the app store. Bad news is, most of these games are craptastic. Good news is I will help you get the most bang out of your buck once in a while. Like in this post. Here are the few apps that I think will be worth your attention (I downloaded some of these myself):

PS. Free games are in italics. 


1. Dark Meadow ($5.99)

App Store Promos October 7, 2011

Dark Meadow is just stunning to look at. One look at the iTunes and I am sold. Plus, the storytelling is as superb as the visuals. Still playing the game, though, so a review will definitely follow afterwards. If you would want to see the game for yourself, you can download it for six bucks.

 Download Link: Dark Meadow – Phosphor Games Studio, LLC


2. Roll in the Hole HD ($2.99)

App Store Promos October 7, 2011

I already exhausted my weekly budget for iPad games, but I am definitely adding this game in the queue. Rolling Panda = cuteness to the aaaawww level. The game is from Chillingo, so I bet this game is of to notch quality, like Angry Birds or Cut the Rope. Just you wait, Popo.

 Download Link: Roll in the Hole HD – Chillingo Ltd


3. Slam Dunk King (Free)

App Store Promos October 7, 2011

Free new game. What could you ask for more? You would have to drag balls into the ring and bombs out of the screen. If you like casual games that will keep you busy while in the train, on queue in the bank or while waiting to get served on the restaurant, you might want to check this out.

 Download Link: Slam Dunk King – PikPok


4. Early Bird (Free)

App Store Promos October 7, 2011

Another new free game. This one is a puzzler, this time.  You would have to swipe a flight path for the bird to get to the worm. You are given only a limited swipes, you you must be careful. In addition to that, bugs have to be collected if you are a perfectionist who likes to three-star every puzzle game you get your hands on.

 Download Link: Early Bird – Booyah, Inc.


5. Veggie Samurai (Free for a limited time)

App Store Promos October 7, 2011

Honestly, I got Fruit Ninja for free from my sister, and I now got the clone for free again! Thanks to a one day promo from FreeAppADay.com, many many people can enjoy slicing and dicing veggies. Without the messy clean up!

 Download Link: Veggie Samurai HD – QuantumSquid Interactive


6.  Columbus Day Sale from Gameloft! ($6.99 down to $0.99)

App Store Promos October 7, 2011

Gameloft, one of the leading app developers (they release lots of games that emulate tried and tested game formula) is launching a sale for Columbus day. Many of the games are for $6.99 and are reduced to $0.99. If you want to save on purchasing awesome games, you might to get your hands on these:


7. Zombie Bumper Cars ($0.99)

App Store Promos October 7, 2011

The iOS is full of Zombie games, isn’t it? Zombie bumper cars is a funny game where you would have to bump and bump and bump the cars of the zombies that drive the other bump cars until their heads fall off.

 Download Link: Zombie Bumper Cars – Fairground Attractions


What are you grabbing this weekend?

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