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Update: Enter To Win a free ZaggFolio case! We figured the ZaggFolio deserved to have a redux review. Zagg has now officially updated their ZaggFolio iPad 2 case with a new latch that works great. In response, we are officially bumping up our review from 4 stars to 5 stars. If you aren’t familiar with the ZaggFolio case, it is the latest and greatest iPad Accessory to come out of the Zagg laboratories since the ZaggMate. It combines the best bluetooth iPad keyboard on the market with a slick carbon fiber style portfolio hard case. We love the keyboard, and now that the latch issue is fixed, we love the case as well! Check out our redux review inside.

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September 27, 2011

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October 10, 2011

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The “It” Factor

We’ve said it before, and will probably say it again- Zagg has “it.” That elusive ability to identify problems and common place design flaws that we never knew existed and make products to fix them that combine quality, style, and affordability all in one beautiful package. The ZaggFolio for the iPad 2 is yet another outstanding evolution in the iPad accessory market. We’ve all seen the standard iPad case/keyboard combo before, but most suffer extensively from low quality keyboards and cheap ‘made in china’ cases. By and large their prices are inflated, their descriptions over-deliver, and the product under-performs.
ZaggFolio iPad 2 Case Review ReduxZaggFolio iPad 2 Case Review Redux

ZaggFolio: This one is different

Quality is not something that has been sacrificed in the ZaggFolio’s construction. The keyboard is the best we’ve ever laid fingers on in the iPad 2 accessory market. It’s island key configuration makes for easy typing and an oh-so-satisfying tactile feel when you really start pounding out the prose. It has been tailor made for the iPad in every way. Starting with the aluminum body which keeps it light but sturdy, moving on to the black keys that are perfectly spaced (even for those with large hands), and traveling right on down to the iPad specific function keys that allow you to control all the essential features on your iPad with the press of a button. The internal battery of the keyboard will last weeks on a single charge as well.

If you want to read more about this keyboard then check out our ZaggKEYS SOLO review where we did a full writeup of it. Spoiler alert: We love it.

Making The Case For The Case…

The keyboard is only half the fun of the ZaggFolio though, we would be remiss not to address the Folio case for the iPad 2 as well. This hard shell case is constructed to hold your iPad 2 firmly and securely while barely covering the tablet’s screen at all. Outside it is black with a carbon fiber pattern that not only looks cool but also makes it nice and grippy. Inside it is line with a luxurious feeling microfiber material that will keep your tablet from getting any scratches.

ZaggFolio Old vs New Latch

Old Latch Vs. New Latch

ZaggFolio iPad 2 Case Review ReduxZaggFolio iPad 2 Case Review Redux

The previous version of the ZaggFolio had issues with the latch… in that it did not latch. However, this new version has completely fixed the latching issues. The folio case now latches as snug as a bug in a rug and feels incredibly tight and secure when closed. It’s not going to pop open unless you want it too. The folks at Zagg have been good in responding to all the complaints of the original buyers and sending out replacement cases promptly.

The folio case also features the auto on/off magnet for quick start up and shut down that we all know and love. It provides easy access to all the iPad’s essential ports and holes, and even turns into a stand.

ZaggFolio- Till Death Do Us Part

We seriously like the new ZaggFolio iPad 2 Case. It is is the best marriage of keyboard and iPad 2 case on the market to date. And in a market where so many similar marriages end in break ups and returns… this is saying a lot. You may begin to seriously consider ditching your laptop once you lay your hands on one of these. We didn’t think it was possible to top the stunningly beautiful ZaggMate, but we thoroughly enjoy being surprised again and again by the folks at Zagg.

Check it out for yourself! You won’t be disappointed!

The ZaggFolio is available for $99.99 to Order right now.
Score yours today because quantities are limited!

ZaggFolio iPad 2 Case Review Redux
ZaggFolio iPad 2 Case Review ReduxZaggFolio iPad 2 Case Review ReduxZaggFolio iPad 2 Case Review ReduxZaggFolio iPad 2 Case Review ReduxZaggFolio iPad 2 Case Review ReduxZaggFolio iPad 2 Case Review ReduxZaggFolio iPad 2 Case Review ReduxZaggFolio iPad 2 Case Review ReduxZaggFolio iPad 2 Case Review ReduxZaggFolio iPad 2 Case Review ReduxZaggFolio iPad 2 Case Review ReduxZaggFolio iPad 2 Case Review ReduxZaggFolio iPad 2 Case Review ReduxZaggFolio iPad 2 Case Review ReduxZaggFolio iPad 2 Case Review Redux
ZaggFolio iPad 2 Case Review Redux

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0 #1 Bill 2012-07-29 13:43
I love this case, but latch isn't fixed new one lasted a month and broke off. this abs plastic won't last. they will need to do something else.

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