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Happily Ever After – Fairytales of the Unexpected

Upcoming Game: Hapily Ever After

Really? I never would have thought!

Honeyslug, an indie developer based in London had tipped us of the upcoming game, Hapily Ever After, which they are planning to release this November, which they describe as “a humorous puzzle adventure game which takes place in the contemporary fairytale Kingdom of Unbelievaville”.

The characters in the game are twisted versions of fairy tale characters, like the BB Wolf, which is a smooth-talking, insincere real estate agent and mater-of-disguise or a lazy, clumsy prince who, the game funnily describes as “charming only by name”.

The game will feature more than a hundred(!) puzzles and multiple endings. (Wow, multiple endings, you do not see that much on an iPad game…)

Watch the trailer below. Video was used with permission from the developers.

Well, it seems to me that it is a funny fairy tale twist to detective games where you would have to find something within time limit, solve some classic board game puzzles and the like. Something like gargantuan (love that word) developer, Big Fish Games love to release. And I do enjoy these kind of games. I would like to get my paws on this game as early as possible.

What do you think?

PS: I lolled at the support website they set up: Frog Snog. Go check it out. Upcoming Game: Hapily Ever After


About Honeyslug:

Honeyslugare a BAFTA winning London based independent developer that create and collaborate on video games across a range of platforms.  Previous hits include Kahoots (PSP minis, iOS, PC), Poto & Cabenga (iOS, PC) and Balloon Headed Boy (iOS, PC).  Twice featured in the prestigious Independent Games Festival in 2010 and 2011, Honeyslug are currently working on forthcoming titles Hohokum (formats TBC) and the highly anticipated Frobisher Says! for the new Playstation Vita. 

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