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If you are a mommy dragon and your egg is about to hatch, you must do what any good mother dragon must do… move the egg from one place to another… forty five times.

Maybe not, but that is the plot of Dragon Eggs ($0.99 via iTunes), where you play Orella, a mother dragon who must carry her egg, which is about to hatch, on her back, through a series of caverns.

The following video was used with permission from the developers of Dragon Eggs.



Flying the Mother Dragon

At the start, you are greeted with a control tutorial that goes against your instinct. You must tap the left side of the device to move your left wing, therefore flying right and you must tap the right side of the device to flap the right wing, therefore flying to the left. You alternate the left and right taps to get the right mix.

The learning curve for Dragon Eggs is pretty steep. The dragon accelerates quite fast, so tap happy players will definitely have a hard time conquering even the first few levels. It took me almost an hour learning to fly well.

Fortunately, the basket that holds the egg is pretty good at keeping egg in place, and when the egg falls, it jumps so you can time your sidewards flight to catch the egg mid air.


Dragon Eggs for iPad Review

Left to go right, right to go left...
I wanna go right so I press right... dang!

The Good Stuff

First of all, the tutorial levels explain the game mechanics very well. I had no problems understanding it, albeit learning it was a different story.

The environment are rendered beautifully and it flows smoothly in its pseudo 3D art. The background music is fairy tale inspired, much like what you will hear in a Robin Hood-esque Pixar animation — cute, entertaining, but not intrusive to the gameplay.

The game boasts three worlds with fifteen levels each — each level containing different maze-like caves filled with different hazards which I will let you find out yourself. Forty five is plenty, folks… That means hours of long trial and error, learning to fly in an inverted x-axis control, adventure gaming fun.


Dragon Eggs for iPad Review

Look, ma! No hands!

What I Found Lacking

Whaddaheck? The environment looks dark, foreboding but beautifully medieval-like but the dragon looks like an action figure made from a dragon way post rigor mortis? Seriously, a living thing must move better than that.

Another thing I noticed is that there are two separate apps for iPhone and the iPad. Why not merge the two into one universal app?


To Sum It Up

The developers should consider adding the option to add normal controls for younger audience. I am twenty-something and still found it hard to make the creature fly properly.

However, Dragon Eggs is quite fun after I learned how the control worked. After imbibing the mastery of the controls, the game turned into a normal platformer action game, and looking back, I feel kind of a winner learning the difficult way to make the character move.


Dragon Eggs at a Glance:

Pros: Awesome environment and terrain art, cutesy background music, unique control mechanics
Cons: Control mechanics is super difficult to master, no option to opt-out of the inverted X-axis controls, dragon looks and moves like a toy
Is it worth it to download Dragon Eggs? Yes, but if you have the patience to master new control mechanics.

Download Links:
iPad: Dragon Eggs – RGH Games LLC
iPhone: Dragon Eggs for iPhone – RGH Games LLC

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