iOS Remote Controlled Toys Roundup

Enough with all the cases and covers, it’s time to have some fun! With the biggest shopping holiday around the corner (We can’t mention it until at least November) it is that time of year to start checking out some of the less serious iPad options. Find something cool for the kids, or the bigger kid-at-hearts among us. Using the iPad as a touch screen controller seems a natural use for its large surface and tactile response. Come and check out a selection of the best remote controlled toys for the iPad…

HELO TC Touch-Controlled Helicopter

iOS Remote Controlled Toys RoundupThe HELO TC Touch-Controller Helicopter is an affordable iOS controlled helicopter designed and manufactured by Griffin. This remote control helicopter is controllable via a free app called “HELO TC App” that is downloadable from the Apple’s App store. There are two ways to pilot: a touch control with on-screen joysticks, and a tilt-to-steer control using the gyroscopes on your compatible (iPad, iPhone, or iPod) device. Not content to merely reproduce the functionality of similar RC helicopters, Griffin added the ability to store up to three “flight-plans.” Flight plans enable the recording of tricky paths, tricks and maneuvers to be replayed automatically. The controller can also safely land the helicopter with a simple button press. The kit comes with the twin-rotor helicopter, a controller which plugs into the headphone jack of your iOS compatible device, and the free downloadable app from the app store. All this for $49.99 straight from Griffin. Overall, a nice deal for budget continuous shoppers which should be able to survive plenty of crashes.

Parrot AR.Drone Quadricopter

iOS Remote Controlled Toys RoundupHigher up in the price range is the “pro-sumer” grade Parrot AR.Drone Quadricopter. This 4 rotor helicopter packs a huge punch with not just one, but two on-board cameras, gyro sensors, accelerometers, an ultra-sonic height sensor all running a custom version of Linux while broadcasting its own Wi-Fi signal. This plethora of technology enables the helicopter to take off and land automatically, and if it loses connection with your iOS compatible device, it will auto-stabilize and hover until you’re back in range. The downloadable controller app works with iPads, iPhones, iPods, and even some Android devices. The front mounted camera streams video and is compatible with a selection of single-player and multi-player games available on the app store.

User do report that this device is more suited for serious hobbyists and is more delicate than other cheaper helicopters. Fear not though, because the included “indoor hull” wraps the 4 propellers inside black Styrofoam circles to protect them from inadvertent bumps while flying it through the house. Overall, the Parrot AR Drone is a serious step up for those wanting to take their piloting skills to the next level. It is available on Amazon for $298.99. Be sure to pick up an extra battery or two while you’re there!

Rover App-Controller Spy Tank

iOS Remote Controlled Toys RoundupSo maybe flying isn’t your thing. The Rover App-Controller Spy Tank may be just what you’re looking for! This cat sized tank comes equipped with a user adjustable camera capable of taking still pictures and streaming video. Using its built in infrared night vision enables night-time spy missions. As if video wasn’t enough, the spy tank also brandishes a microphone which streams sound back to your iOS compatible device. A Wi-Fi signal broadcast from the tank boasts an interference free 200 ft. unobstructed range, or 100 ft. while in other rooms. All these features are enabled and controlled from a free downloadable App from Apple’s App store. The Rover retails for $149.99 at Brookstone. Great family fun with no fear of breakage. Accomplish your mission today!


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