Top 5 iPad Stylus Roundup Post Rating

An iPad stylus is perhaps one of the most useful iPad accessories around. As much as we all know and love the touch screen interface, there are always times where fingers just wonít cut it. For how basic it is, a surprisingly large number of iPad styluses simplyÖ well, suck. However, we have searched the world and came up with the top 5 best iPad styluses available on the market. From the beautiful zen-like Nomad Brush to the pinpoint accuracy of the Jot to the sleek styling of the Pogo Sketch Pro, weíve got them all here! Check out our top 5 iPad Stylus roundup!

Top 5 iPad Stylus Roundup Wacom Bamboo Stylus for iPad

Wacom is a name that needs no introduction if you are a digital artist. Chances are, you grew up using their products and their tablets. They have set and continue to set the industry standard for digital artist accessories. Wacom is a brand you can trust. Their most recent addition to the touch sensitive world is a real hit. The Wacom Bamboo Stylus is made from brushed aluminum and is elegantly designed to look and feel fancy. The pen feels great in the hand, well balanced and not to thick or too thin. It is comfortable to hold for extended periods of time. The tip of the Bamboo stylus is good, it slides smoothly and is very responsive. However it is a bit on the large side, and may be a bit too soft for some users tastes. However, itís a great pen and we love the clip at the end! You can get the Bamboo Stylus on sale now for $26.33.

Top 5 iPad Stylus Roundup Pogo Sketch Pro iPad Stylus

If you have had an iPad for a while, you know the name Pogo. They make what has consistently been one of the best iPad styluses we have ever used. We are big fans of the Pogo Sketch, and their new Pogo Sketch Pro is a welcome addition to their lineup. The handle is made from a single piece of aluminum and feels very solid in the hand. The end of it has a nice rubber grip to keep your fingers from sliding around, and it works outstandingly. The new patent pending ĎPro tipí is very responsive and feels great when writing or sketching on the iPad. It isnít too soft or too firm and it slides rather well on the glass screen. We like how the tip extends a ways out from the pen, allowing for multiple angles of sketching. Perhaps the coolest part of the pin is the styling. We love the angular shape and it looks very cool when we use it. It doesnít have the handy dandy clip that the Wacom Bamboo stylus has, but it fits just fine in the pocket of our iPad bag anyway. The Pogo Sketch Pro is a great stylus! The Pogo Sketch Pro is on sale for $20.93!

Top 5 iPad Stylus Roundup Nomad Brush iPad Stylus (Short Tip)

The Nomad Brush is a one of a kind entry into the iPad stylus market. Itís part brush, part iPad stylus, and part magic! Read our full Nomad Brush review here.Seeking to replicate the look and feel of a traditional artistís paint brush, the Nomad Brush is made from real bristles mixed with capacitative bristles so that it interacts perfectly with your iPad. The brush itself looks and feels great, the barrel is made from aluminum and it ends in a beautiful wood cap with the name branded on. On the bristle side is a rubber grip that helps keep your fingers from sliding off when painting. The brush itself is pure magic, it flows across the screen smoothly and gracefully in beautiful strokes. We love the long tip brush, but for a bit more control and versatility we recommend the short tip version. There is nothing not to like about the Nomad Brush, it makes a great gift to any iPad owner! Get the Nomad Brush now for $25!

Top 5 iPad Stylus Roundup Jot Pro iPad Stylus

Many complain at the lack of ability to make 100% precise lines with their styluses because of the large capacitive tip at the end. This is due to the iPadís user interface being designed to work with fingers. However, if you still find yourself frustrated, the Jot Pro iPad Stylus just may be the solution! The end of this pen has a precision disc that mimics the end of a finger, however it is crystal clear so you can see through it. The disc is connected to the pen via a ball point so that it can be rotated and used from almost any angle. Thanks to the clear capacitative disc at the end, the Jot makes it possible to capture the precision of a calligrapher when you are using it. Itís a very unique stylus that takes a little getting used to, however once you have, you may never go back. One of the coolest features is the Magnetic Cling, the Jot Pro magnetically attaches itself to your tablet! Pen clips are so yesterday! Get the Jot Pro iPad Stylus for $29.99!

Top 5 iPad Stylus Roundup Griffin iPad Stylus

If you are penny pinched but want a decent stylus, then you canít go wrong picking up the Griffin Technology iPad Stylus. It is a decent stylus that gets the job done. The tip feels great and slides smoothly, and the pen clip makes it easy to carry around. Itís pretty much a standard stylus, and we have no complaints about it other than the fact that it isnít nearly as stylish or unique as the other ones weíve listed above. But if you are in the market for a simple and functional iPad stylus, this is your best bet. Plus, you canít beat the price! Get the Griffin iPad Stylus for $10.81 now!


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