Nightmarium Keeps Away Sleep -- AppAdvice

I remember being too afraid to fall asleep. It happened just last week. Iím horribly easy to scare. Itís pathetic, really. I do remember being much smaller and having the same problem, though. Suddenly, without the lights on, your room becomes a very different place. Nightmarium brings to reality all the fears you had as a child. It shows just what goes bump in the night once you close your eyes.

Nightmarium Keeps Away Sleep -- AppAdvice

Nothing worse than being trapping in the mouth of a monster with gingivitis.

Nightmarium has arrived just in time for Halloween. While the terror of the holiday is all just pretend, for this little girl, the horror is all too real. Once she closes her eyes, the monsters come to get her. These arenít pretend monsters. These are real monsters from some pit in the Netherworld.

Defeating these monsters isnít that easy. Depending on which monster it is, you have to tap, slice, or shake the infernal beast to send it back from whence it came. I hate the shaking monsters. I do. I hate them. They creep me out, and they seem to be harder to kill.

Your health meter isnít a bar at the top or a gauge in a corner. Itís the number of Zís located over her head. It indicates how asleep she is. Once the monsters start attacking her, she slowly wakes up. When sheís fully awake, she starts to scream. Poor girl.

There are some items that can help you to vanquish her demons. The lamp shines them away. They disappear. The teddy bear seems to keep them at bay until you can kill them yourself. The fuzzy rabbit slippers are cute, but I couldnít figure out what they did. I tried a couple of times, and they didnít seem to do anything. As you kill monsters, you can collect more of these items. So, I guess I can keep using the slippers until I have the answers.

Nightmarium is available in the App Store for $0.99.


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