Grand Theft Auto III It seems remarkable to me that 10 years have passed since Grand Theft Auto III was first released. One of the most widely and publicly criticized games for the violence and offensive material, this game was among the first to allow you to do things like hire a prostitute, pay her for her (insinuated) services and then kill her in order to get your money back. Of course, you can happily play this game without doing anything quite as abusive or grisly.

In honor of the 10th anniversary, Rockstar Games has announced that they will be reproducing this classic (if I can call it that, after 10 years) for play on select iOS and Android based devices. So for those of you rocking the new iPhone 4S or an iPad 2, you will be able to relive your Grand Theft Auto glory days by playing a few rounds of this crime-themed game.

So far there is no specific date for the official release, but with our appetites whet I am hoping it is soon. Even though I wasnít ever crazed for the game, I did enjoy trying to outrun the law and attempting all of the crazy stunts that didnít seem like they should be allowed.

I think as much as anything we are waiting to see what a traditional console-style game looks and plays like on a touchscreen device. In some ways this is setting the stage for others to make their way over.

Grand Theft Auto III

For those of you who are die-hard fans, renowned collectible manufacturer Sideshow, is also releasing a limited edition fully articulated 1:6 scale action figure of Claude, the lead character from the game. While the figuring sports his signature cargo pants and bomber jacket, it also arrives with his iconic Liberty City Prison-issued jumpsuit and ships with a variety of replica weapons from the game.


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