Pad & Quill means Quality!

Updated With New Hands-On Photos!  Genuine luxurious full grain leather, hand stitched and finished with earth toned bindery cloth, lacquered baltic birch frame… I think I’m in love all over again. We first got a chance to lay eyes on this drool-worthy iPad 3 case at the 2012 MacWorld expo and we have been dreaming about it ever since. This traditional book bound iPad 3 case features a level of luxury that has to be seen and felt to be truly appreciated. The iPad 3 was just announced but, if you ask me, I think we already have a winner for the best iPad 3 case of the year! Check out the details inside.

Pad & Quill means Quality!

P&Q Leather Octavo FrontPad & Quill means Quality!P&Q Leather Octavo CameraP&Q Leather Octavo InsideP&Q Leather Octavo CornerPad & Quill means Quality!

Make The Cafe Dwellers Jealous

There’s something about Pad and Quill’s cases theres some je ne sais quoi (pardon our French) that makes everybody in the coffee shop stop and stare. In fact, no matter where we go with our iPad’s in their P&Q cases people stop us and ask where we got it from. They are part book, part iPad case, and oozing with a quality and pride of construction that you just don’t see anymore. We thought we were in love with the original Octavo case, we raved about the Contega case with built in stand, and we adored the fun College edition iPad cases. But now… now they all pale in comparison to this luxurious masterpiece of leather, wood, and craftsmanship. Introducing the Contega Luxury Leather iPad 3 Case!

So Luxurious It Can’t Be Legal…

The new Luxury Contega iPad 3 case is made from genuine full grain leather that is so soft and warm and luxurious to the touch it shouldn’t be legal. The leather is available in two colors Mahogany Brown (or French Roast as Mrs. PQ likes to call it) and Onyx Black. The stitching accents the full grained leather perfectly, the elastic strap blends in with the colors, and the only additional piece of styling on the outside is the unassuming little Pad and Quill logo embossed into the back corner. It’s as if they want the case to stand on its own merits instead of pushing their brand. And let me tell you folks- it most certainly does!

New And Improved Features!

Inside you have a newly redesigned Pad and Quill Baltic birch lacquered frame with a satin finish. The frame itself protects the iPad from all angles, features a patented sound amplifying channel that redirects the sound back at you, and has wood grain that looks like the pages of a book. The iPad is securely held in place with their newly designed Sure-Lock bumper system so that you never have to worry about it falling out.

Accenting the Baltic birch is the traditional book binding cloth that is available in 4 classic colors. There is also a nice front pocket option on the inside of the front cover for holding documents on the go. The front cover also features a magnetic smart cover sleep/wake functionality that is new and improved! Sealing the deal and completing the illusion of a real journal is the bookmark that sticks out the bottom of this case. It’s not just there for style, it also helps you remove your iPad from the frame (not that you’d ever want to).

Consistently Superior Craftsmanship

This case is all about luxury and style, it is understated and classy, and it feels so good in the hands it’s hard to believe. You truly have to see (and feel) the new Octavo Leather iPad 3 case to understand just how amazing it is. There are other makers of bookbound iPad cases out there, but only Pad and Quill has consistently gotten it right with their flawless designs, superior craftsmanship, and luxurious styling.

Order one of these cases right away for your iPad 3 (it will also fit your iPad 2 as well), you won’t be disappointed! Oh… and it comes in a smaller version for your iPhone 4 as well!

Pad & Quill means Quality!

Pad & Quill means Quality!Pad & Quill means Quality!Pad & Quill means Quality!Pad & Quill means Quality!Pad & Quill means Quality!Pad & Quill means Quality!


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