New Sleeve Keeps your iPad and iPhone Dry and Protected Many of us read the news, play games, and do hundreds of other things with our iPhones and iPads. Unfortunately, they are delicate devices, and we need to be mindful of where we carry them.

Typically, we avoid sandy, wet places like the beach and the bathtub when using our iDevices, but The Joy Factory has released a new series of protective, reusable BubbleShield sleeves that will allow you to take your phone and your tablet almost anywhere.

The BubbleShield for the iPhone is water resistant and will ensure your iPhone stays clean and dry in every environment. Thereís a transparent, two-zip front and back cover which allow full use of the touch screen and the camera. The case keeps your phone safe from dirt, sand, oil, grease, water, and more. You can remove your phone at any time from the resealable case. BubbleShields have a waterproof standard of IPX5, meaning your phone should be safe if itís splashed while at the pool or while cooking. The BubbleShield for iPhones is available in a pack of two for $9.95, or a pack of five for $19.95.

New Sleeve Keeps your iPad and iPhone Dry and Protected

BubbleShield for the iPad works in a similar way, with the same dual-zip enclosure in a larger size. I donít know about you, but I do a lot of my reading on the iPad, and have thus far been afraid to take poolside or anywhere near the bathtub. With the BubbleShield, you can read and play games while relaxing in the tub. Like the BubbleShield for the iPhone, the iPad version has a IPX5 waterproof standard. BubbleShield for the iPad is available in a pack of two, priced at $14.95, and a pack of three, priced at $19.95.

New Sleeve Keeps your iPad and iPhone Dry and Protected Finally, thereís a BubbleShield Pro, which is designed for professionals who work in extreme environments, such as medical technicians, restaurant servers, and warehouse staff. The BubbleShield Pro is sturdier than a baseline BubbleShield, and has a waterproof standard of IPX7, meaning it can be submerged in one meter of water for up to 30 minutes. This enhanced version comes with a handle, for easy transportation, and a three-zip resealable enclosure with a transparent protective cover. The BubbleShield Pro is available $49.95.

New Sleeve Keeps your iPad and iPhone Dry and Protected

This new line of cases from The Joy Factory will allow iPads and iPhones to be taken almost anywhere, which sounds great to me. Iíd love to be able to bring my iPad to the beach and to use it while cooking without worrying about damaging it.†If youíre interested in purchasing a BubbleShield, they are currently available for pre-order on The Joy Factoryís website. Shipments are expected to begin in late October.


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