best ipad appsOne of the reason why I use my iPad 3 more than my laptop is that I can take all kinds of notes on the fly. There have been a plethora of note taking apps that we’ve played around with but we’re reviewing one today that is a rock star in this category. This iPad app is called Note Anytime. This is one of  the best iPad apps for note taking and sketching on the app store today. Whether you are a student taking copious lecture notes or a designer we think this iPad app offers a broad spectrum of on board tools that will make your life better.

One reason we’re all big Apple fans is that we admire their style and design in everything they build. With this great app you’ll be proud of the stylish notes you’ll be able to produce with this well designed app. Note Anytime allows you to mash up handwritten notes or typed text seamlessly. You easily add graphics, photos or PDF’s to the note page you are working in. They’ve also added a feature that allows you to scale your paper up to a whiteboard or down to a sticky note with a tap.

The developers of this app have integrated a sophisticated digital engine that renders highly stylized lettering quality resembling natural handwriting. I find myself carrying around my iPad more for jotting and sketching notes with this new iPad app. One of my favorite features is the floating tool palette that you can slide and position anywhere on your active note page. This tool offers a variety of pens, from simple markers to highly customizable calligraphy pens(optional in-app purchases $99.-$4.99).  From basic markers to highly customizable Calligraphy pens give you tons of flexibility in capturing your thoughts and enhancing your creativity in the moment. This app looks great on my iPad 3 retina display and the designers did a good job of taking advantage of this feature with this graphically pleasing app.

Note Anytime has made it easy to share your work via email or your favorite social networks like Tumblr, Facebook and Twitter. We think you’ll enjoy this app’s ease of use, well designed interface and it’s cutting tool set for creating your note taking masterpieces.

This iPad app is available on the iTunes app store for free by clicking here.
best ipad apps
best ipad apps
best ipad apps
best ipad apps


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