iOS 5 Already Running on 1 in 3 iDevices Well, that didnít take long. iOS 5 was released just five days ago, and itís already been installed on 1 in 3 devices capable of running it. If you tried to get iOS 5 on release day, like I did, you know that installations were plagued with server errors and slow downloads as millions of people attempted to get the update at the same time.

Server congestion can be attributed to the fact that iOS 5 was likely the most anticipated version of iOS to be released. Given all that weíve heard over the last few months about all of the new features, itís not really much of a surprise to hear that Appleís biggest upgrade to date is currently running on 33 percent of all iDevices. Even if you remove the newly available iPhone 4S, that number stays steady at 31 percent.

Users of the iPhone 4 and the iPad 2 have the highest percentage of iOS 5 downloads, at 35 percent and 36 percent. iOS 5 has been downloaded on 33 percent of original iPads, and on 27 percent of the older iPhone 3GSís. Users with an iPod Touch have downloaded the update on 23 percent of 3rd Generation devices and 17 percent of 4th Generation devices.

These numbers are courtesy of Localytics, a company that provides usage statistics to app developers. Localytics analyzed all iOS device usage from October 12th, when iOS 5 was released, to today, October 17th. With these impressive download numbers, app developers need to make sure that apps are quickly made compatible for users who are running iOS 5.

Some apps have been updated for iOS 5, and in the process, made upgrades for older versions of iOS impossible. Pages is one example, and the new features, including iCloud, are unavailable without iOS 5. Localytics stresses that backwards compatibility is important, because there are still many users who have yet to update their operating systems.

If youíve been putting off downloading iOS 5 because of server issues, thereís no need to wait any longer. With many iDevice users already using iOS 5, thereís a lot less stress on Appleís servers, making download and installation quick and easy.


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