Weve already told you about the possibility that Apple might release the iPad Mini, right? Well, it looks like this might come true after all. The Taiwanese Economic Daily News is reporting that Apple has ordered display samples measuring 7.85 inches for the iPad Mini.

Two manufacturers were already identified being Korean LG Display and Taiwanese AU Optronics. These two companies was reported to have sent their samples to Apple already. This was after Apple sent them its specifications for the smaller iPad.

Is Apple Coming Out with an iPad Mini?

Its pretty interesting that if the iPad Mini is indeed coming out, it will be contradictory to what the late Steve Jobs did, dismissing that Apple is planning to come out with a smaller iPad. Although by history, Jobs was known to have dismissed a lot of products before, only to end up launching them later on.

With regards to the iPad Mini, it will also be interesting to know how much power it would be packing in and how different it will be from the iPad 2. The iPad Mini will also pit in against the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 and Samsung Galaxy Tab 7 Plus which Samsung is planning to release in the near future. Plus, there are also other manufacturers planning to release their own 7-inch tablets.

Can the iPad Mini beat all of these devices the same way that the 10-inch iPads did to all other 9-10 inch tablets in the market today? Well soon find out.

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0 #1 iPete 2011-10-20 13:00
hmmm, can't say that I immediately see the need for a mini version of the iPad. Think it's great the way it is. Altough I suppose the whole push by Amazon for the Kindle fire merits coming out with a small version of the iPad.

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