Remember Adobe’s Acrobat Reader? Of course you do. At some point in time, everyone of us have used or in fact, may still be using Acrobat Reader in our PCs. Guess what? Adobe has responded to the signs of the times by way of releasing an iPad app of Acrobat Reader known as Adobe Reader. Although a little bit late in the game considering that there are already a plethora of PDF reader apps for iPad, still Adobe went ahead and joined the game.

So, how does the Adobe Reader iPad app fare as compared to other apps of its kind? Well, the app is pretty much what we’ve all been used. The Adobe Reader app for iPad lets you read PDF files which you’ve received as an attachment to an email or found on the web while browsing using the iPad’s Safari mobile web browser.

Adobe Outs Reader App for iPad

Take note, the app will not let you load up a PDF file inside the app. You have to outsource your PDF file using either Safari or email. Once you’ve installed the app on your iPad, it becomes added to the list of apps which you can use to open a PDF file, alongside other similar apps which you may have installed before.

Some users may find this disappointing. Yes, I did found it a bit disappointing but then but then I just have to give the Adobe folks a nod for at least making Adobe Reader available on the iPad. Who knows? There might be a substantial number of iPad owners who prefer to read PDF files using Adobe Reader?

Adobe Reader iPad app is available now as a free download from the App Store.

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