best ipad appsIf you’re like most folks, you have numerous logins and passwords, credit card numbers, loyalty cards, bank account numbers, PIN codes, etc. We found a great app for your iPad and iPhone that safely and securely stores all this information for you in an easy to use manner. This app is called oneSafe by the developer Lunabee Pte.
The oneSafe app allows you to copy and paste all your logins into setting up each of your secure accounts which makes set up a breeze. oneSafe makes life much easier on your iOS device especially when you need to login into a website with just a simple touch. 
To assist you in recognizing the needed information at a glance, the oneSafe app allows you to setup the screens in a seamless and recognizable way. For example, with your AMEX credit card, you can view the info on a screen with an icon like that card, or if you store your Facebook login info, it appears in a blue template. You could also take actual photos of your personal cards and store the photo securely in the app.

You can store PDF, Excel, or Word format documents as well. The app also includes a built-in browser to allow you to securely access sites you have stored login information for easily.

Read the developer’s app store description below:
• Easily create, view, edit items and keep them in order

• Take advantage of the ready-made templates to enter details

• Automatically log into websites

• Manage and safely store all your documents (Word, Excel, PDF)

• Perform a manual back-up to restore all your saved personal information

• Easily copy & paste complex usernames and passwords

• Modify the textures, materials and colors of each item

• Mark any item as a favorite for fast access

• Perform fast searches in the database with a simple to use, but powerful search capability

• Synchronize information between several devices (available soon)??Safe storage for:

• Credit card numbers and entry codes

• Social security numbers

• Bank accounts and tax numbers

• Usernames and passwords

• Create your own templates!

• Documents like PDF, Word, Excel

• Your secret pictures

You can buy this app by clicking here for $5.99 on the iTunes App store.

Review:oneSafe App for iPad | Best iPad Apps

Review:oneSafe App for iPad | Best iPad Apps

Review:oneSafe App for iPad | Best iPad Apps

Review:oneSafe App for iPad | Best iPad Apps

Review:oneSafe App for iPad | Best iPad Apps


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