Great iPad 3 cases on Amazon!

While the iPad 2 and iPad 3 are nearly identical in form factor, they are different enough that some cases are not directly compatible. These tend to be form fitting cases and skins while folio cases and sleeves usually have enough play in the fit to work with either iPad model. Weíve gathered a nice list of well-reviewed iPad 3 compatible cases on sale on Amazon right now!†All the following cases are guaranteed to be iPad 3 compatible so hit the jump and check them outÖ

Targus Slim Case

Check it out on Amazon right now!

First up is the Targus Slim Case. This case features a padded outer shell wrapped in water resistant twill and a soft touch interior lining precisely designed to fit the new form factor of the iPad 3. A precision cut camera opening allows the newly designed camera to take high quality pictures while still safely enclosed in the case. The cover contains magnets that are compatible with the iPadís magnetic on/off feature and can fold back to provide two viewing angles and one typing angle. As if that wasnít enough, there is even a place for your stylus built right into the case. This case was designed to give maximum protection without adding unnecessary bulk to the iPadís slim profile. Available in 5 colors; black, red, bone/white, charcoal gray, and indigo, there is a color to match anyoneís style.

Targus Vuscape

Targus Slim Case Black

Check them out on Amazon right now!

Next we have the Targus Vuscape for the third-generation iPad. This case features a professional, sleek leather-like exterior and a soft touch interior lining with extra padding for extra protection. The case supports three viewing angles via deep groves on the interior of the cover. A camera cut-out gives easy access to the iPadís improved camera, perfect for snapping photos on the go. The circle cutout on the back for the Apple logo tops off this great looking case. Available in 4 different colors; black, bone/white, calypso, and charcoal gray.

Targus Versavu

Targus Vuscape Black

Check it out on Amazon right now

Targus also has a very unique offering in the world of iPad accessories with the Targus Versavu. The Versavu features the same durable, padded outer case and soft-touch interior lining, camera cutout, magnetic on/off cover, and stylus holder as the prior two cases. But what really sets the Versavu apart is that the case supports 360 degrees of viewing via its unique rear case design, all without having to remove the iPad. Weíve used such cases before and the feature works very well, all without adding bulk or excessive cost. The Versavu comes in 4 colors; black, charcoal gray, charcoal gray/bone white, and charcoal gray/calypso pink.

CaseCrown Bold Standby

Targus Versavu Black

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Next up is the CaseCrown Bold Standby case. This low cost case is highly reviewed and packed with features normally found in higher priced cases. The case is wrapped in faux-leather with a soft interior lining that wonít scratch or scuff your iPad. The cover kicks back into a landscape stand that is also convenient to type on. A magnet hidden in the caseís cover works flawlessly with the iPadís magnetic on/off feature. The price, coupled with the stylish look, makes this case a winner!

INVELLOP Leatherette Smart Cover Case

Great iPad 3 cases on Amazon!

Check it out here today!

For those that love the smart cover but dislike the lack-of-back protection comes the INVELLOP Leatherette Smart Cover case. Essentially, this case is identical in form and function as Appleís very own Smart Cover but adds a hard, form-fitting shell to the back. The cover contains magnets compatible with the iPadís magnetic on/off feature, and rolls up into a landscape stand for viewing and typing. The hard shell has a camera cut-out for easy picture taking too. All this coupled with a low price and wide array of colors makes the INVELLOP Leatherette a strong competitor for your hard earned cash.

rooCase Dual Station Case

INVELLOP Leatherette

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Rounding out this list are two great iPad 3 cases by rooCase. First up is the Dual Station Premium Leather case that, despite questionable capitalization, features many extras that normally only come on more expensive offerings. A convertible cover enables landscape viewing and typing. Unique among this list is a convenient hand strap to make holding the iPad worry free. A camera cutout and speaker holes give complete access to all the iPadís wonderful set of functions while maintaining complete protection. The rooCase Dual Station comes in black, red, magenta, and pink.

rooCase Convertible Premium Leather Case

rooCase Dual Station Black

Check it out on Amazon here!

Last, but certainly not least, is the second offering on our list from rooCase. The rooCase Convertible Premium Leather Case supports a stunning 24 different viewing angles via its innovative ribbed cover. The cover is fully compatible with the iPads magnetic on/off feature, has camera and speaker cut-outs and comes in 4 colors; black, red, magenta, and pink. All these features coupled with a low price and tons of positive reviews makes the rooCase Convertible case a winner.


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