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Adding friends via Game Center has its benefits: You can see what your friends have installed in the iDevice and see for yourself if the app is good, you can compare scores and the best reason, most iPhone and iPad games play with your friends via Game Center.


Here’s how to add Friends via Game Center:

How to Add Friends via Game Center 1. Open up the Game Center application. The icon looks like the logo on the right.


2. When you open up the application, you would have to sign in using your apple ID and password. Afterward, you will see something that looks like:
How to Add Friends via Game Center


3. Tap on the friends button on the bottom of the screen.

4. Tap add friends.


How to Add Friends via Game Center


5. Insert the username or email of the person you want to add.


How to Add Friends via Game Center


Then you would have to wait until that person accepts your request. they automatically appear on you Game Center friends list when they do.


No + or add friends option?

Try checking your settings if friends are allowed: Settings > General > Restrictions for Multiplayer Games and Adding Friends.(Thanks, Czeejane)


Where to find Game Center friends?

There are lots of sites that features massive add threads. These are usually found on Facebook fanpages of particular games, fan sites and official game sites.

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