Fidelity Investments Best iPad App

Fidelity Investments is an iPad app that lets you stay on top of your portfolio, global markets, currencies and finance news. It works well even if you’re not a Fidelity account holder (quotes are delayed by 15 minutes), and you can make use of the full range of services. Fidelity account holders can trade stocks, transfer funds, manage accounts, and view account history easily. Charting in the app is quite powerful, with the ability to compare different equities in a single chart and interactive x- and y-axes on the plots. They’re also better designed than the Bloomberg app, with better contrast and a lighter feel.

The interface is pleasant and lets you scan a large number of data sources without feeling overwhelmed. Unlike the Bloomberg app, this iPad app uses Apple’s native design elements. This makes it much easier to learn all the different features quickly. Some of the News features take surprisingly long to load (relatively speaking), but the app is otherwise very smooth and responds quickly to taps. Some customization features still need some work, but the defaults work well enough anyway. The app is updated often with little improvements. Overall, this free finance app is perfect if the previously reviewed Bloomberg app doesn’t quite work for you with its custom interface.


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