iPad Mini Poll and Rumor Roundup- Vote Now!

September is almost upon us and Apple’s big event is nearly here. The rumor mill is literally churning with new rumors about the iPhone 5 and the elusive iPad Mini. iPad Mini case and cover designs are already surfacing, a couple parts may or may not have been leaked, and people are frothing at the mouth as they debate back and forth if it is a good move for Apple or not. How do you feel? Love it? Hate it? Would camp out for a week under a tarp just to get your hands on it? Click the jump and vote and see what others are saying! We want your opinions!


And for those of you who just loooove iPad Mini rumors, here’s a big list of rumor roundups for you to feast your eyes on. We’re keeping our eyes peeled for any cool looking iPad Mini cases or accessories that might pop up!

What do you think? Is the iPad Mini a great move for Apple or will it mark the beginning of the end of life as we know it? Let us know in the comments!

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