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19 August 2012 119 views No Comment

Well this one is not an app, obviously – it is a kit, complete with a pair of wheels, a battery-powered motor, an adjustable pole and an iPad holder.

“The telepresence robot is controlled remotely by someone using Double’s app on another iPad. The app enables the operator to move Double around its location, with its minimalist design helping to ensure it doesn’t get in the way of ‘real’ on-site workers. The length of the pole can also be adjusted using the app, allowing its user to talk face-to-face with co-workers, or peer over partitions to see what others are up to when they think no one’s looking.”

Read more: http://www.digitaltrends.com/mobile/double-transforms-your-ipad-into-a-telepresencerobot/#ixzz23ybzJHan

Source http://iptiam.com/?p=980

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