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“To find a good iPad cover, is as hard as finding a lover,” said the Poetic HardBack iPad3 case. It has a beautiful folding cover made of a soft cleansing microfiber interior lining that will serve both as a slip and scratch preventer. The back tray will serve as a sturdy cradle protector for your iPad, while the attached fold over cover will shield and serve as a stand for ideal typing position.

Poetic Hardback iPad 3 Case ReviewYou may be thinking, “These are a dime a dozen. What makes this one any different?” Well, for one thing, you may be familiar the incredible awkward height that most of these stands will force you to type in. This one offers an ideal lift that is slightly shorter than the uncomfortable position of the others, yet infinitely more comfortable for typing. It is also a smart cover so it will put an end to the finger swipe, and take you straight to your home screen.

Most importantly, this is an affordable case. With three highly attractive features: microfiber interior, superior typing position, and magnetic smart cover, at just under seventeen dollars, it is a steal. Plus it comes in a variety of interestingly colors, rather than the usual boring gray. You can get in blue, purple, red, white, or black. Customization on a high quality yet affordable item is really quite a rarity these days. Poetic Hardback iPad 3 Case ReviewThey are so confident in their craftsmanship, they even offer a three year warranty.

This would make for a great case if you plan on being on the go and pulling it in and out of a briefcase for professional events. It’s so slim and light weight it could easily slip right into most bags with complete protection. The viewing angle would also play nicely in a professional showcase environment, such as doing a demo for a client on it, taking notes at a meeting, or even taking pictures with it, since the camera is unencumbered.

Overall, this really is a fantastic accessory. Plus, you can’t beat the price! The Poetic Hardback iPad 3 Case is on sale now for around $17!

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