Fisher Price Apptivity Case- Turning Babies Into Fruit Ninjas

It may look like a giant teething toy, but it does more than satisfy the nommings of tots. The Fisher Price Laugh and Learn Apptivity Case will ease your mind when your iPad is in the hands of your dear little one, by carefully shielding the screen and cushioning the frame. For a playful, kiddie friendly touch, thereís also fun rings on a loop at the top to keep your baby occupied.

Fisher Price Apptivity Case- Turning Babies Into Fruit NinjasInstallation is a piece of cake, with a quick open and snap that you can easily figure out, but the tot will not be able to reverse engineer. Even the clever ones! It takes a quarter, or flat object to twist the back into place. While in this case the iPad is completely encumbered, so you will need to take it off to charge it.

This really isnít a downside, since it is unlikely that you would want your iPad to look like it is owned by a toddler all the time. This is for play time only. After all, how long of an attention span does the kid have? We doubt it can compare with the battery life.† There are also several viewing modes that you can utilize that are coyly named: roly-poly based, easel, or place.

The thin clear film that covers the screen will deflect incidental things that we commonly worry about. Cheerios, apple sauce, drool, and even the dreaded fingerprints will be protected against. Fisher Price Apptivity Case- Turning Babies Into Fruit NinjasThe solid rubber case is really quite protective.

Kids can feel in charge of the iPad without a nervous hovering parent. This is great because Fisher Price has seen to it that they have plenty of free Apptivity Apps available that are interactive and educational. You can sit them down with the iPad in case and the open app, let them play away, and imagine their future as a computer genius. As they learn, you can rest easy knowing you have protected your investment and made everyone happy at the same time.

The Fisher-Price Apptivity iPad Case is on sale now for around $30! Check it out!


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