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Adonit has done-it! They have finally released their much anticipated pressure sensitive iPad stylus! The Adonit Jot Touch is here people, it’s the world’s smartest stylus, and the world is better for it! The iPad is a powerful device, and it’s a powerhouse from an artist’s perspective. However, the capacitative screen has one drawback- it’s not pressure sensitive. This has been the Achilles heel to making it the ultimate digital artist tool. But no longer… The new Jot Touch is the first truly pressure sensitive iPad stylus on the market, and it’s beautiful! Check out our review inside.

Adonit Jot Touch ReviewAdonit- Empowering Creativity

Adonit has a proud tradition of bucking the norm, solving problems you didn’t know you had, and innovating on ideas. It’s a very Apple thing to do. They started with a stunningly successful Kickstarter campaign to build the first Jot stylus. Instead of a nubbin, they innovated a clear pivoting plastic disk that offered some of the best precision writing out there. They just kept on innovating after that with their Writer iPad keyboard case, and a whole bunch of other variations on their already successful stylus.

Adonit Jot Touch Review

Now they have upped the anti once again with the Jot Touch pressure sensitive stylus

Future Meet Your Stylus

With 256 microscopic levels of pressure sensitivity, 3 shortcut function buttons, bluetooth connectivity, dampening tip that simulates natural note taking feel, and a precision disc that gives you pinpoint accuracy, the Jot Touch is the stylus of the future.

The Jot touch works over bluetooth without any need of additional dongles, doodads, whatzits, or anything else. It just works. Launch any of the 15 and counting Jot ready apps, and start enjoying pressure sensitive fun. The construction of the stylus is very high quality. It’s got a pleasantly thick metal cylinder chassis that is about five and a half inches long. It feels good in the hand, is balanced well, and is cool to the touch. There is a grippy surface towards the bottom to aid in grip as well for those long drawing sessions. The cap unscrews off the top and screws onto the bottom to securely keep it safe. There is also a power button and two shortcut keys which let you customize functions and features within apps. Overall, we’d say the design is pretty darn near perfect!

Additionally you get an extra pen tip, and a cool USB tooth that charges the stylus by screwing the bottom in. The only downside to that is that it’s not exactly convenient for those of us who have iMacs with vertical USB slots in the back of our machines… not only is it hard to reach, but it’s almost impossible to screw it in horizontally.

Are You Jot Ready?

Adonit Jot Touch Review

As we mentioned, there are currently 15 “Jot Ready” drawing apps on the market which support the pressure sensitive features. However, even if you don’t have a “Jot Ready” app, the stylus still works like the normal Jot Pro. You can bet that more apps will be following suit very soon and adding the Jot SDK in. The pen is perfect, and over time the software will improve.

Drawing with the Jot Touch is dramatically better than drawing with a non pressure sensitive stylus.

Adonit Jot Touch Review

You notice immediately the difference and realize that this is most clearly the stylus of the future. Be warned- once you go down this road, you’ll never want to look back!

The Jot Pro is the first, but close on its heels is the Ten One Blue Tiger/Pogo Connect. It will be interesting to see how the two styluses compare!

Jot Touch- The World’s Smartest Stylus

Available for $99


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