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This just in: Kids love iPads. In other news- water is wet. Yes, it seems the new parenting tool of choice these days is the iPad. How do you quiet a wailing child? Why, how about some cute videos and angry birds! iPad toys are all the rage now, kids love em and parents love quiet kids. Toyota Creatures is making some of the most adorable and cuddly (if expensive) iPad toys around! Take a look at the YetYet and Mr. Robotto iPad stuffed toys and see what you think!

Toyota Creatures YetYet and Robotto iPad Toys

Cuddly and Costly…

Toyota Creatures understands that kids love iPads. They also seem to understand that kids who’s parents can afford to let their children play with an iPad can also afford to shell over another $80 to put it in a plush protective case. Yes, that’s right- these adorable stuffed animals cost $80 and don’t really do that much other than look adorable and cuddly. That being said… I still want one.

Adorable Squishy Stuffed iPad Toys

Griffin was the original pioneer of iDevice stuffed animals with their Woogie, and Speck has had the iGuy for quite some time, but the YetYet and Robotto are in a class unto themselves. The iPad slides securely inside and zips closed and there is a thick layer of stuffing and fur and fuzz to keep the tablet safe. Toyota Creatures YetYet and Robotto iPad ToysEverything is stuffed, the hands, horns, feet, and even the little tail on the back. There are two holes on the front where you can access the iPad once it’s placed inside. One for the eyes, and the second smaller hole for activating more functions.

The YetYet is a fuzzy creature that lives in the ice caves of Toyota island. Apparently he is a cousin of the meadow yeti… whatever that means. And Robotto is a less fuzzy and more plastic looking foreign visitor to Toyota island, coming from “the far side.” They both have younger siblings that work for the iPhone/iPod touch- RobX and YetX.

Toyota Creatures Apptastic Cuddlylicious Fun

The real magic happens when you load up the Toyota Creatures app. The app lets you interact with the YetYet in a few different ways like brushing its hair, Toyota Creatures YetYet and Robotto iPad Toyspoking it in the eyes, playing mini-games with it, and it will even talk back to you. Oh, and if you tilt and shake it it will react in about as you’d expect. It’s a very cute app that will probably keep most children entertained for at least half an hour.

But you’ve got to ask yourself, how much is half an hour of quiet time (without your iPad) worth? If your answer is in excess of $80, then don’t hesitate to get yourself and your children a YetYet iPad toy. However if your answer is less than $80 then maybe you’ll want to wait and score one of these cuties second hand from your rich friends.

Check out the YetYet and Robotto iPad Toys from Toyota Creatures.


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