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4 May 2012 42 views No Comment

A particular variant of the lower priced iPad 2s sold by Apple might have a better battery life due to the chip used, reports Anandtech. But it could be difficult to find, and one needs to open the box to be sure if that is the right variant.

“”The iPad 2,4’s gains in battery life…are significant. We measured a 15% increase in our web browsing battery life, a nearly 30% increase in gaming battery life and an 18% increase in video playback battery life” compared to the iPad 2 with the older A5 chip, according to Anandtech.
Finding one of these iPad 2,4 variants is not easy, however. “If you’re in the market for an iPad 2, the 2,4 is clearly the one to get – if you can find one that is,” wrote Anand Shimpi.”

Source: CNet

Source http://iptiam.com/?p=971

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