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Plants War (Free via iTunes)game is closely related to War Craft and DOTA, so if you love playing those games you will also appreciate this fun game from Gamevil.com.  In a way it is similar to the games mentioned a while ago but this is the single-player version. You can test your strategy in leading your troop in defeating some beastly animals in the Dryad Forest.

Help Leafy and his troop in protecting their home and Dryad Forest.  Lead your hero, learn special skills and upgrade your champions and most of all enjoy the game.


Plants Wars: the Game and How it Works

Before starting your journey you will be asked to choose your champion. Your hero can be upgraded as you play the game or you can purchase it in the App Store but the first hero will be for free. After selecting your upgradable characters, then you are free to build an army to lead on your battle.

You have to unlock some units in order to proceed and what would you expect, like in any other games you still have to make another purchase in order for you to reach your quotas of gold and green leaves fortune.  The more plants and slots you have the greater chances you have in getting these gold and green leaves. But mind you it is not an easy one to collect the numbers of leaves you need for your upgrades.

Plants War Review: in Every War There Will Always be a Hero

Now that you have your troop to lead, with or without those additional purchases you can lead them to destroy your enemy’s base. (You have to make it quick or else they will blow up your base instead)

Leafy (our main character, the hero of the war) has four skills. In order to use each skill you have to collect certain points to have those skills be activated.  As your level advances you will have the chance in putting more points into Leafy’s special skills.

The game is not as complicated as the others but it is really fun. You need good strategic plans in order to reach victory. Create combinations of plants in blowing up you enemy’s base. It is easy to learn this game. Kids and parents can enjoy playing this game together.

This game is really fun to play but I think it can be better if it can be a multiplayer. It will add up more fun and excitement when this can be played with friends.



  • Controls are simple and easy to learn
  • Zoom and zoom out options
  • Visual presentation is great
  • Cute game
  • Upgradable Heroes with great skills


  • Targeting the enemies is a bit difficult
  • You get the game for free but there is a catch
  • No game center (maybe it will be nicer if there will be a game center for this game)


Game Cost: free
Top In- Cost: $ 0.99 – $ 49.99 (ranges from 40 leaves to 3000 leaves)
Download Link: Plants War – GAMEVIL Inc.

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