best ipad appsI知 a visual person so I really enjoy beautiful images. Now combine HD images of the most famous places from all over the world and turn it into a game and I知 hooked. The developer Legend Software Group has recently released a new exclusive iPad app called Where Is It? HD.

When you first tap to open this fun iPad app image trivia game you値l be given three options to select in starting the game. You値l choose either the 15, 25 or 50 question option to begin. My score was surprising poor my first try with the 15 question game. In fact, my one correct answer was the 徹ld Royal Palace, Denmark (I missed all the U.S. locations). I was humbled so I spent the next 30 minutes laser focused on improving my score.

Beautiful Images in this iPad app game

If you池e like me you値l be surprised how entertained you値l be with this game. It is not complex but because there are 6 possible answers for each HD image you can稚 just rifle through each page and expect a high score.

This iPad app game has nice navigation and is easy to get started playing without a big learning curve. The design is clean and the images are beautiful. There are over 250 questions included in this app and I知 guessing the developer will include more with the next update. Because at the rate at which I知 playing I値l get through all 250 before too long.
The Where Is It? HD is available on the app store for $0.99 here and there is another version designed for all other iOS devices here.
Review: Where Is It? HD for iPad | iPad Apps
best ipad apps
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Review: Where Is It? HD for iPad | iPad Apps


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