Pad & Quill iPad 2 Cases Roundup

What can we say about Pad and Quill that we havenít already said? We love their cases! The moleskine style bookbound cases takes us back to bygone eras like Paris in the roaring 20ísÖ Hemingway, Fitzgerald, Picasso, Dali, and many other iconic figures all chumming it up in the local watering holes sketching out notes, drawings, and masterpieces in their little black booksÖ While those days may be long past, the tradition is kept alive through companies like Pad & Quill. They make some of the coolest iPad 2 cases weíve reviewed, hands down. Their selection continues to grow, so hereís a roundup of all the iPad 2 cases offered by one of our favorite companies!

Pad & Quill iPad 2 Cases Roundup College Edition iPad 2 Case

At the lowest end of their lineup, P&Q offers the College Edition iPad 2 case in three different colors. This is a basic version of their more fancy cases, but still has every bit of the style and class. Featuring a trendy old school bookbound cloth exterior, the moleskine elastic binding, hand carved birch frame, and more, this case will score you street cred and props on any college campus. Plus, the price is so low, you may not even have to call your parents to buy one! The College Edition iPad 2 case is on sale for $49.99 right now. You can read our full review of the College Edition iPad 2 Case here.

Pad & Quill iPad 2 Cases Roundup Octavo iPad 2 Case

Let your inner Hemmingway out with the beautifully hand made Octavo iPad 2 case. Truly Artisan, this case is made from genuine Italian bonded leather on the outside and sturdy bookbinding cloth on the inside. It features a camera hole, a precision carved baltic birch frame, an inner pocket (optional), a cloth book mark to complete the illusion, and of course a distinguishing style all itís own. You are sure to draw envious looks at any cafe or used book store you happen into. Plus the illusion is nearly perfect, nobody will know your precious iPad lives inside it! The Octavo iPad 2 case is available in 3 colors for $59.99. You can read our full review of the Octavo iPad 2 Case here.

Pad & Quill iPad 2 Cases Roundup Contega iPad 2 Case

Taking the Octavo a few steps further, the Contega is an inspired design and a truly unique bookbound iPad 2 case. Not only does it feature the same classic styling that we all know and love, the same quality Italian bonded leather exterior and sturdy baltic birch interior, but it also turns itself into a stand with 2 different viewing positions! One second itís a black moleskine journal, and the next itís a distinguished iPad stand! We love this transformer and its unique characteristics. Thereís nothing else like it on the market. The Octavo iPad 2 case is available in 3 colors for $89.99. You can read our full Contega iPad 2 Case Review here.

Pad & Quill iPad 2 Cases Roundup Little Black Book iPhone 4 Case

This isnít an iPad 2 case, but it deserves honorable mention because we are sure that if you read this far, you love these cases just as much as we do. If you are thinking of scoring yourself one of Pad and Quillís iPad 2 cases, then you might as well pick up a Little Black Book iPhone 4 Case while your at it. Built exactly like the Octavo case, this iPhone 4 book case has all the great features and class, and it comes in a tiny package! Wow your friends with your tiny little black book, nobody will know why you are talking into your journalÖ but you clearly have good taste, so nobody will question it either. The Little Black Book for the iPhone 4 comes in the same great colors that the Octavo and Contega have, and itís a steal at $39.99. You can read our full Little Black Book iPhone 4 Case Review here.

We canít wait to see what Pad&Quill come up with next. As a family run company they have a penchant for innovation and a brand synonymous with quality. Thereís just not many companies like them left these days. Whatever it is they design next, you better put it on your instabuy list because they are just that good.

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