Best iPad apps Now comes an innovative iPad app game from a new developer over at Betadreamer called Momo and Bochi. Betadreamer is a startup company that focuses on creative game apps for iPad. Momo & Bochi is their first app and was just released on October 1st on the App Store.

Momo and Bochi is a fun and addictive game that was designed to take advantage of the iPad tablet interface. We think you’ll appreciate the high quality graphics of this game.

When you first tap on the Momo and Bochi iPad app you’ll have the opportunity to sign in to your Game Center account and compete with friends and keep track of leaderboards. The Momo and Bochi game is pretty straightforward in game play. Momo is your pet and is trying to help the world maintain harmony and tranquility but like everyday human life. The bochi worries and anxieties start to stack up higher and higher eventually crossing the breaking point threshold. You job in this game is choose to from 8 growing stacks of bochi stacks and tap on an individual bochi to reveal a match or not. Points are accumulated as you keep all the stacks from rising and you eventually beat each level and advance by wiping out all the bochi stacks. We even liked the different expressions on each bochi to signify emotion and mood.

The Momo and Bochi is exclusively an iPad app and is available on the app store for $1.99.
Momo and Bochi App for iPad | iPad Apps

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