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Many, many successful games  in the iOS are originally flash games, much like Bloons, which was one of the top iPhone games in 2009, and Gravity Guy, the simple but nerve wracking game.

Fragger ($0.99 via iTunes – iPhone / $2.99 for iPad) is one of those games. If you wished once in your life, that you were an army dude who have privilege of blowing up shady-looking terrorists on your leisure time, then you might want to look at this awesome game for the iPad. (I am using the iPhone version.)

The objective of the game is rather simple. Much like a game of Angry Birds, your goal is to dispose of all the bad guys (which look like bank robbers) by blowing them up with grenades or dropping them off cliffs. Unlike Angry Birds, though, you can’t kill them by hitting them directly or dropping debris on the or making the fall off heights.


Fragger HD Review Fragger Review

In Fragger, soldiers blow up bad people.


Early in the game, the levels are just as simple as lobbing a grenade over walls and buildings or shooting them into large, gaping holes to complete, but as you progress further into the game, you would have to blow off covers of holes, roll the grenades into tight spaces and shoot them precisely into very tight holes (and not necessarily in that order, either). This makes this game another one of those physics based puzzlers that require tons of trial and error, but it brings something new to the table, because you would have to be EXTREMELY precise with the angles and velocity of your throws.

The game features oodles of levels, and when I say oodles, I mean more than 150. All levels are not accessible immediately, though, some you would have to unlock, some you would have to unlock and download (for free). Many of the later level packs are fun, differently themed worlds, like one world that the fragger guy is the Easter bunny and the grenades are eggs or the world with goofy-looking alien terrorists, or my favourite, a world that pays homage to Pirates of the Carribean, with the fragger gayly swaying his body back and forth, ala Captain Jack Sparrow.


Fragger HD Fragger Review

"I think we've all arrived at a very special place. Spiritually, ecumenically, grammatically."


The game does not have an audio soundtrack, only sound effects, but considering that you would probably be very busy figuring out how to blow the pesky bad guys into smithereens, you won’t notice… probably. I know I didn’t until right now when I revisited the app to hear the audio for this review.

If the game becomes too hard on some levels it can sell you in game clues or powers to skip the level. And it does it without being intrusive. The game also features the developer’s other games sometimes, so prepare of a pop up advert once in a while.

Overall, Fragger is an awesome game that gets you covered if you want some joyful obliteration through a physics-based puzzle with a hint of action.


PROS: Fun, fun, fun physics based puzzler, amazingly themed world, lots of levels.
CONS: Lack of a soundtrack (just to say something here)
Is it worth to download? Yes. I enjoyed this game immensely.

Download Links:

iPhone: Fragger – Miniclip.com ($0.99)
iPad (HD version): Fragger HD – Miniclip.com ($2.99)

Read more http://myipadgames.com/fragger-review/

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